Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Here's what I would say to you if I could

We might not really understand His reasons for doing everything, but in the long run we'd realise whatever happened was truly the best for us. People come into your life as blessings or trials, take the blessing and bear the trial. And try to learn the lessons you were meant to learn from this. He removes people from our lives when He sees fit to, and no, perhaps we don't understand right away but soon we will. And if we have bad days now, we will have good days soon after. Read the Quraan, it will get you through everything. Those Words somehow manage to calm hearts and end tears. Have faith in yourself, you are stronger than anyone I know. And the dark might envelope you like a shroud now, but the dawn is near. I promise you that. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

The unseen

Here's to the wrinkles on faces that are not ashamed , the scars that are not botoxed away and hidden under concealer. Here's to the beauty of the poem, not the words or the lines or the rhyme but everything in between, because after all this time, you've learnt to read between the lines. Here's to sad eyes that are so much better without eyeliner because they are not ashamed of having shed tears and here's to beauty that cannot be seen but only felt. Here's to people that have lived imperfect lives marked with grief and mistakes and are not ashamed of it. Here's to us, we are but particles of dust in an infinite universe and we have the nerve to yell and demand to be heard , here's to the fight that never left with death and here's to all the things people cannot see , people have never seen fire, they have only seen flames and there is a fire inside you and and there is a fire inside me.  And here's to fires that were never put out by words and fires that never dimmed with time.  And here's to your dreams , they will keep you awake when the world sleeps and tomorrow is a promise that is all yours to take , I can fan your flames but nobody  in this world can burn them like you. And burn, let it consume you and your soul and be the best damn dreamer there ever was.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


and in that brief intermittent instant
when our eyes searched each other's souls
I understood when you said  
you've been broken and rebuilt too
the void in your epicenter when you confessed;

"there are seas of words within me,
the unspilt ink of a thousand unwritten stories
and sometimes the waves let me float
But sometimes they drown me."