Saturday, 14 November 2015

"I'm just trying to let go gracefully now "

An age after I saw the sun dance in your hair and your smile light up the sky I'm still barefoot in the desert of time and wondering why. But I'm past reminiscing, past longing, past resentment, or grudge bearing, I'm past wishing for more and contradicting faith , I am no one to erase what was destined to break by time itself , and maybe I was Jupiter's moon in the galaxy of your eyes and you were my sun disguised under human skin and maybe we were inevitable , but we are most certainly not meant to be. And maybe you'll remember me when the wrinkles are etched around your eyes like sharp memories of unhappier  times and maybe I will blur the darkness in your mind in a split second whirlwind of light before I return to the remnants of your past where I'll faithfully take up place , having learnt that resistance will never change fate,  but agonise the bones within my flesh. And maybe I'll light up the universe in your dreams in the few seconds before the sun starts you awake and maybe my brain will never stop playing with your name and maybe my dawn will never kiss  your stars goodbye and we will drift on the tides of time further and further away. And this time I'll make sure not to swim against the currents of destiny  but let them take me ,even if they take me away from you and drown me , I have learn to let go without burning my fingers and I will forever be grateful for this, "I have learnt to love God, it is to live in his Kingdom and call nothing mine."