Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half woman

Half woman
Here you are
Kneeling at the altar
Of commercially glorified romance
praying for "the one"
Convinced your womanhood is incomplete without a man
Here you are spitting out the blood he made you taste
swallowing rejection like barbiturates

There must be something wrong with you mustn't it ,
Why else wouldn't the men bend their knees,
treat you like a goddess whose beauty they'd finally learnt to worship

There must be something wrong with you
Because the men , they come ,
they eat out your heart ,
they drink out of your mouth,
they leave marks on your thighs,
they leave you with the bitter aftertaste of forbidden flavour in your mouth,
and yet they're never full,
but you're always empty.

the first time you kissed someone your stomach flipped and you couldn't recognise your self because you refused to look at what you'd become

And five years later you're still choking on your sins ,
searching for your sanity and acceptance in the eyes of strangers and men
who only look at you with eyes carved out of lust and hearts blackened
with their insatiable hungering.

Here you are
Kneeling at the altar
Of rebirth .
Finally learning to worship your body
Reveling in the glory of your womanhood,
in all its shapes and forms
Here is where you will teach the men and lead them in prayer
Your body is a goddamn temple
Tell the men to enter
With humility
And to sacrifice themselves  for you
The next time
He says you're not woman enough
Tell him
It's because
You're half lioness.