Thursday, 24 May 2012

Only evolution

Am I doing this wrong? Was I meant to be doing something more? Something else? Am I hurting you? Have I changed in ways I cannot see? Has my faith fallen? Have I become unbearable? Or have I always been this way? Is there an answer to anything? Am I so lost I cannot see where I've failed? As a person, a friend, a sister, a human? Does it matter that I do not understand? Do I not deserve a second chance? Why doesn't anyone deserve a second chance? Why is everything I know about me, that is solid and secure fading? Would it change anything if I apologized? I want you to apologize, is that wrong? Am I wrong? Why do I not know? Why is my sense of judgment failing? Why am I failing people I love? Do my tears mean nothing? Do I mean nothing to you? I want to matter, I hope I'm not wrong, I hope I find a way, before I fade, before I fail again, before it's too late.

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