Thursday, 4 April 2013

I tried to feel your physical presence, I tried to smell you in wafts of oncoming breezes, I pretended you were here while I skyped you and kissed the screen.
I tried to tell myself it will be okay, but the truth is life without you is stretching ahead of me like a vast empty expanse of nothing, a bleak world that spins in an orbit with no sun, with day and night intermingling and stretching into nothingness, meaningless infinite voids of nothing. Nothing virtual will ever replace the warmth of your hugs or the softness of your voice, and no comfort equals the strength your words give me.
I am lost, I admit in an ocean of humanity, nameless, faceless, directionless, and you gave me direction and faith and without you, I’m but a speck in the the billions of particles of this world.

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