Friday, 31 May 2013

That week.

I have felt my heart stop dead as I watched her wheeled out of the operation theatre, I have felt a thousand flutterings in my heartbeat and a surge of affection flood my being with all the force of a tsunami as I held him, just minutes old, so fragile and so beautiful.  I have shattered as I watched her in so much pain I could do absolutely nothing about. I have felt my strength break and tears well because of the cries of a three year old who missed his mother, I have tried to comfort someone touched by the pain of death, I have felt the helplessness of being miles away from someone I loved who was grieving.  I have experienced a giddy level of happiness and the joy of a new life and the grief of a lost one all at once. I have confronted the fragility of life and learnt to accept its transient nature, I have begun to understand the written fate that spares no one.


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