Monday, 3 August 2015

Strings attached

Why are we always so inevitably dysfunctional?
My existence has insistently become strings of words I shouldn't have said and memories I'm trying to forget
your face
is always in the fading background and I unfailingly
Feel like
I failed
To save you
From myself
From you
.from the insecurity of the 3 am but you didn't
And we were both so very sorry and yet so completely

Receding into the paths we took like keeping in touch didn't matter , I tried to forget you and you forgot what you were created for and we are both
So dysfunctional we're practically meant for each other
And the bitter irony in words unsaid
Is that we can read each others minds.
I know I wasn't enough.
But perhaps it was because I was made for someone else
I stopped loving you in the winter of the new year and twenty four months later you can still crush me like glass under your heels and
My beloved,
You didn't even have to

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