Sunday, 10 April 2016

Strike two

She has eyes strikingly hazel and dusky skin that reminded him of sunsets and the flush of blood pulsing underneath her  neck, so very alive and warm. Some days it feels like the earth is swallowing her and even the ocean can't understand the emptiness in her, some days stone preaches to her heart about softness .

He imagines his mouth on her skin and she pictures freedom from him and his persuasive eyes .

She's  counted her blessings on the stars and the sky rent asunder to show her the stars weren't enough .

Except for him , the burning desire that pulsed through her arteries ,her heart skips a beat , lust calling her name and claiming her soul in a rush of impassioned mistakes.

Apologies couldn't keep anyone sane but she would find that the hard way. Suffering is a form of life she had never pictured until she had to live it. Patience bent into her bloodstream , the caverns of her veins echoing with decided resignation.

Only God loves you enough to forget the devil that walks around with your heart and name.

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