Monday, 3 February 2014


But mama I'm a changed man, I swear it on every promise that I broke,
I've counted my mistakes and I'm ashamed of all I spoke.
and I hate my hands for what they did,
I'm ashamed of all I wrote.
but mama I swear I'm clean of hate,
I changed after I broke.
I woke up everyday to see a stranger in my face,
and I cant look myself in the eyes,
I'm desire's guileless slave.
I've been to hell and back and I swear,
I'm never going back again.
cos Mama, I'm not the same.


I've got to learn from every mistake that I've made
I'm ashamed of my past and scars I cant erase
but if you try to take that from me, then I wouldn't be the same
and you say it's a test
and "things happen for the best",
but I can't guarantee an A.
And if I tell you I don't recognise the person that I am
Would you believe that I am in chains?
and I am breaking free of what was me
I'm breaking everyday.
I have a healing soul and a softened heart
and I know nothing for sure
except for this, and only this
I'm not who I was before.

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