Monday, 3 February 2014

Slaves of perception

Amid the shaky trembling bodies
this ocean of lost souls swimming against the currents of life
I make my way
it's just another day.
What if you could see past skins and sins? What if you could perceive what lies inside every being? When the different textures and colours of epidermis flake off with time, will we realise we're all the same inside? We have hearts that beat out names and sing melodies our brains have forgotten how to dance to and we all have felt the desperate beating of a single heart against the breaking and we have shut our eyes and tried to dream while fear laced its fingers in our souls.  we have had hopes crushed and dreams walked all over and our words hushed and our spirits killed underneath the cover of skins; we hide these secrets like grains of sand lost in the sea, hoping despite ourselves that they'll metamorphose into strings of pearls and wishing someone would  take a leap of faith into the ocean and dive deep down to find us and
love us and we'd realise we're beautiful to someone and we mean something to someone and believing that that is all we ever needed .And  we pray that when it does happen, it'll be enough.

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