Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Effervescent. The nature of these volatile memories. Walk with me, you exist for me as but a figment of my imagination. Look at these corridors, they are the hallways of my dusty mind and here hangs a painting of you. Cordoned off, you see, I'm only allowed to enter in the darkest of my moments. There's too much pain here. Why is the dark established so firmly and the light so fast fading? Hold on to me. But I can't anymore. If ignorance is bliss, then to forget is a blessing. You're running out of time. I know. We all are, really. Some faster than others though. I do have desires to leave early, there must be a better world beyond this.
But you don't get to choose when you leave. So we pretend the darkness doesn't exist. We wait, biding or time.
There is a way out. And one day we'll escape this. 

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