Saturday, 25 July 2015

Burn scars for memories

I want her naked except for the gold chain.

She said I broke her heart. I'm sorry I ruined her. I didn't mean  to leave scars, I was trying to fix her and she slipped like glass from my hands.
I think I got cut , too.
I never thought it would still matter three years down the road.
I never thought she wouldn't be okay .
What if I told you everything I've written for three years has been about you?
I was fixing my heart until January and still reading your name between every line. You're the full stop to every untold story , the reason I can't walk into self ruination anymore. Because you left scars where you taught me lessons and I learnt that pain too, could be a memory.
I can still smell the way your mouth tasted and your fingers felt against my soul.
You've ripped me apart and I've clumsily put myself together with hands unused to picking up pieces of myself . All it takes you is the pull of a thread to undo me and I'm not bulletproof anymore.

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