Saturday, 25 July 2015

Leaving the fountain city

And sometimes when you leave someone, you leave a part of who you were with them. And sometimes you don't have a choice anymore because you abused the number of times you were given one. And when you leave you feel like you're taking a million pieces of a million hearts whose paths you've crossed and when none of them are any the wiser you wonder why you feel your missing parts so acutely.  Perhaps it will fade to a vague seemingly displaced hurt in places I can't reach, only time will tell the seconds I've counted that I wasn't chafed with regret and burnt black with sorrow.
Today was the first time I wept when I was leaving a city and for the life in me, I couldn't explain why.  Perhaps it was the people I was going to and their pain which is so real, it diminishes mine to almost nothingness, and perhaps it was the people I was leaving , we had never been together like this in at least seven years and sooner or later your blood will connect you when words cannot fill the gaps and you understand each other because you sigh together and you smile together too. And overrated words like I miss you too will never be substantial enough to describe the intensity of what I feel so I bridge our communication gaps with shiny eyed smiles that i can barely hold on to like the fragile grip I have on my emotions when we embrace. I will ache for you and this time we had together .

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