Thursday, 17 December 2015


We fell into temptations under the starlit skies , I loved the streets in this place and how the black tar shone back at you when you were dreaming of leaving and swearing you'd make it big in the big city,who would've thought 2 am in the Cold you'd be wrapping your fingers around your mug and trying to find the taste of home in tea leaves but nothing felt right if you couldn't hear your dad breathe in the next room and maybe next time we won't be so eager to run away when we had it so good and we were too caught up in June to realise the year was gone and we were still canvassing the skies for meaning , and trying to convince that being unable to see the stars back home was reason enough to leave . Tracing our steps back because time never let us off easy , and maybe we were fools to run away when we were only ever running towards fate, we were too busy impaling our futures against the plans our parents had for us and comparing our life plans to others to ever be grateful for the sun and and blue sky we lived under which wasn't obliterated by smoke from bombs and ashes of destruction and we were far to absorbed in comparing our shoes and trinkets to the kids next door and we forgot to say thank you dear god in heaven that my family is alive and safe and home isn't just a memory ,it's a place and it is so very untouched and safe.

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