Thursday, 11 February 2016

The big black nothing

But have you counted the poisoned arrows that flew from then venom between her jaws , I've given up on the road to normalcy when her heart was lade bare in front of me and all that it beat out was hate , I've counted blades and silently swallowed them to protect myself from the screams tearing out of my lungs.

A violation, of the common code friendships hold, I've scarred myself walking on coals, bending backwards through the fire and trying to stay alive, I've let go of lifeboats and oxygen masks, all I need to survive is the truth, and when it hit me with force of a point four bullet , I bit my tongue. I'd rather live for the truth than love a liar and you were a fantasy built on bullshit , and when you succumbed to the strings of honesty , it did not hurt to watch your act fall apart .

I am intoxicated by my pain and she was drunk on love and we

I'm sorry I'm this weak but I've got her name on my brain and her voice in my lungs , I can remember everything she said to this day , and I can remember when she stopped saying anything at all.

One day you'll be hung over from all the poisonous mistakes you inhaled and when you're dangling on the edge puking your guts out , corroded from all the toxins they fed you, bittersweet broken promises and empty nothings , you will find God and let him take away the pain

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