Friday, 5 February 2016

Is square one to be my destiny forever ?

I shut my eyes against these blatant untruths , I swear when he looks at me I can count the stars strewn across his eyes , every dream he gave up on etched in the lines on his forehead , his disappointment flooding this room with a sadness so thick you could suffocate in it. his eyes are weakened,  staring at the computer screen, he almost forgets to not let me see him limp , he breaks my heart every time he gets on a flight to leave again.

I've walked this empty road with bleeding soles only to end up in hell  ,  the demons are alive and playing with my mind again,the walls threaten to envelop me and the fight has drained out of my fists, does the sea complain about always returning to the same shore? Does the sky weep for all the children it returns to the sea, is there a story that ends in anything but death ?

Will these questions ever really stop spinning around in sickening circles in my head, will I ever see her face again? Don't let slip those  honey sweet words from your charismatic mouth and charm me out of mind again , I'm begging you .

Nobody ever tells you how lonely it gets trying to stay alive , and honey I could cup your face in my hands and lie to you just as easily as they lied to me when they said I'll survive , but I have too much poison spilling out of me from all the toxic people I've made the mistake of loving .

Don't trust the people who claim to love you , promises won't make the pain of their absence any easier when they end up leaving , and they always do

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