Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Why you should leave when they say "I'm busy "

You are constructed of your parents dreams and passion , an extraterrestrial intermingling of fate and coincidence , your existence is a gift to everyone's life you've touched and you aren't perfect or flawless.
But you don't need to be.
Walk away from people who dismiss your imperfections as flaws instead of acknowledging them as unique manifestations of an individual existence .

Walk away from people who make you feel like you're missing a limb or a spark or something that makes you interesting enough to hold their curiosity, you are not created as entertainment for the masses , your existence was never intended to please any mere earthling , you are an amalgamation of everything you believe in and everything that you do , you are too damn precious for someone to not be able to make time for you.
Walk away from someone that isn't in awe of your absolute magic.
Walk away from people who aren't committed to unconditional love.
Walk away from people who are too "busy " to acknowledge the miracle that you are.


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