Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fine lines

I can remember not knowing what a headache feels like , asking my friend once if the throbbing in my head was one , triumphant I'd finally gotten a headache and I could understand.

I could never understand your nuances , 3 fucking revolutions over and your name is the drug that keeps my brain wanting more at 1 30 am. I've forgotten how to unlove  you because I got so busy getting so good at it and now everything you do crushes me and i can't undo the damage I've self inflicted ,can you not be so inconsistent,  you're eating my heart raw and inside out , all I am is a memory, and I'm tired of being forgotten by you.

Now you know how heartbreak tastes in your mouth , you breathe in the acid of absentia , you might as well set fire to your lungs, you wouldn't know the difference honey, you wouldn't know.

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