Monday, 3 April 2017

the hole in the ozone layer is male privelege

The sky is submitting itself
to the darknes
the resistance of the earth
melting away
Her breasts are swollen
with unspoken agony 
His mouth drags across hers
Filling her with the
emptiness of unbridled passion
bite marks
Littered across her body like dead flowers in a forgotten graveyard
An unbroken promise spread over the canvas of her stomach
His lonely is spilling
Out of his mouth
Into hers
Limbs sprawled against the grass
The night is wild and the darkness is crawling into her
Spreading her thighs Iike an unbroken promise
ripping her apart as easily as her first
His lust is spilling over
Corroding the air
His insanity entering her
One breathless stroke at a time
the easy sliding of the sharpest knife
in and out

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