Monday, 3 April 2017

What does unrequited love feel like? It's like drowning , but you never die."

Your lungs
Are filled
With expectations
Loud enough
for your mouth to taste
They are not bitter (yet)
The water is calm
You think this will
You will learn
Not to feel this dangerously safe

Your mouth is choking
On disappointment
Brackish green
Salt and sweat
You're learning to let go
In violent spasms
Nothing graceful
Your windpipe is clenched
Around your broken heart
Stale lies tearing out of your stomach
Here is the stench of the curses you have eaten
the water is wild
It rips away the last
Of your sanity

You'd think
After all this time
You'd have remembered
that you could not swim

The irony is that
You've never felt
more alive

The water is calm again
Your limbs have stopped
Holding on to the world

You are  caught in between
Your madness and your misery
Seven thousand meters deep
You're still asking,
Do you understand ?
Do you understand?
Does anyone ?

- the stages of drowning


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