Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Forever learning

''Life's like that, ''she said. ''We thought it would all be easy and fun, smiles and goodbyes. ''We learnt. That life isn't the merriment it sounds like. We fall, fail to get back up, crawl, pull ourselves up, we fall, fail again and sometimes there's a helping hand but sometimes there isn't and we learn, to fend for ourselves,to break and re-mend ourselves, to fix shattered hearts and broken dreams, to dry crying eyes and to suppress drowning screams. We fall, and the first time, we don't know how to get back up ourselves, but we learn.

Life's like that. People leave, you learn. You have to leave one day too, and you'll still be learning, still be living, breathing, writing reminders to yourself to move on when you find yourself empty and the road ahead barren.

Ask the widow, she lost her husband nearly twenty years ago, and she still has his ironed clothes hanging in his closet, making their house look like he's just left for coffee, making it look like he'll be back now, anytime now. She still has sleepless nights and she's still learning everyday, still learning, that he is never coming back, not today.

Ask the abused wife, she would do anything to be a widow, so she won't be judged, so she can live freely in a society that looks down on womenkind and dismisses their suffering, she's still learning that some things never change, some morals are never obeyed, some people can never be trusted.

Life is like that. You learn some, and you think you've seen it all, but you're always still learning, still learning till you're done, and you breathe the secrets of a broken heart no longer.

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