Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I've been daydreaming about 
that fateful afternoon
When our eyes met and smiles 
danced in conversation

And how your heartbeat quickened
When we were sipping coffee
The tremble in your palm
When you reached out to touch me

And your breath warming my flushed cheeks
When we were too breathless to speak.

I remember here, in this room 
Your chocolate kisses and your fingertips 
When we swayed back and forth
On the currents of fickle faith
I remember all the promises you made
That you never managed to keep
I remember my absolute naïveté.

I've been thinking about empty mornings
And the air heavy with your absence 
and how our words blurred into silence
And the silence ceased to be comforting.

I've been trying to remember to forget
The way our fingers seemed to interconnect
The way you moved with easy grace
Your luscious lips upon my face

So here it is, empty room and empty words
I've tried talking about it, but I doubt you heard
Or cared either way.

The coffee cups sit empty
The silence is overwhelming
How do you undo a part of your life
And disconnect it from your living?

How do you manage to break things that are already broken?
How do you bury words that have already been spoken?
Is there no limit to the grief I can feel?
When the darkness devours the light
And everything becomes unreal 
When you're no longer by my side
Where does the phantom pain begin to ache 
When I can't find home because it isn't a place

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